The current situation keeps everybody busy. We are also busy in this crazy time to make sure we can continue our salon. 

It is very sad to say that we had to close the doors of our salon (temporarily) for treatments during the Covid-19 situation regarding health policies. 
It was a very hard decision, but the health of our customers and ourselves is the most important to us.

Although our doors are closed, we are very busy with brainstorming and working on projects to continue after the crisis and to serve your needs as our customer.

Behind the scenes, we are optimizing our techniques, improve our competencies, and develop new solutions for you during these weeks. 

We hope that we can help each other through this hard time and stand by on each other. We have tried our very best to come with suitable solutions and ideas for as wel as each of your needs a customer, as for maintaining our salon. 

We do also need you in this hard time. 

Please read below for all possible solutions!

Is your toner fading or your roots are showing?
We can help you from a distance!

 Please do not buy a box dye package at Etos, Kruidvat or another drugstore. These products are worse for the quality of your hair and do not result in the same color as you’re used to from us. We can help you with your personalized color. 

To maintain your own color, we have developed the Home Color Sets. These sets can be used for either faded toners or showing roots by hair growth. No worries, you can do this easily at home with our help! To support you, we have prepared an instruction video. Click here to go to the video

Price and set information:

The price of the Home Color set for roots and toner for short to medium-long hair is €24,95. The price for the toner for long hair is €29,95. Each set consists of all necessary tools: a cup, brush, a coat and gloves.

How it works:
1. Contact us via this email address, phone number or our social media channels and mention which set you’d like to order: the Home Color set toner or Home roots and if it is for short, medium-long or long hair. 

2. Come to our salon to get your personalized color (that is already in our system due to previous treatments) on an agreed time and date. 

3. Watch the video before applying the product to your hair. You can find this video here.

4. You must apply the product to your hair within 45 minutes after receiving the set. This is important to get the best results out of the product. 
This is also the reason why the set must be picked up at the salon instead of being shipped.

5. Leave the product in as shown or told. 

6. Rinse your hair with water and apply a caring serum or conditioner to your hair. Rinse again and gently dry your hair. 

7. Note: Do NOT wash your hair for 3 days after the treatment as you’re used to from the salon treatments.  The product needs to work in for the best result. 

We love your support:
 We really like to see your results. If you have a Before and After photo, please don’t hestitate to send your pictures to us so that we could share them on our social media accounts. Goodluck!

This is how you easily apply the product to your hair.
Root covering by powder
 If dying your own hair is a little too challenging for you or you just have a small part of showing roots, we have a different solution which you might try: 
We provide you the Color Wow Root Cover set. 

This is a powder that can be applied to your roots to reduce the color difference. The sets have a price of €34,95 and can be ordered via email, social media or phone contact. 
Products and offers

Treat your hair the same as we normally do or you’re used to after a treatment. Although we are closed, you can order all products that your hair is used to via contacting us. We will provide a free shipping these weeks which makes sure your hair does not have to miss out of its favorite products. 

Do you live close to the salon? In this case you could also come to the store to get your products after contacting us to make an appointment for this. 

We also have different offers from our O&M products, which can be found below. These products can also be ordered via email, phone or social media and will be shipped for free. 

Last but not least..

We also need YOUR help to get through this hard time. To help us, it is possible to purchase an online voucher for a future treatment in our salon when we can open our doors again (hopefully soon). 

The voucher, as is shown below, can be ordered in any amount via sending an email to [email protected] with the amount you’d like to invest in your treatment. Or click here to directly go to the email to order. 

We really appreciate it! 

You can contact us via our website or phone:
Best wishes and take care of each other,

The Crafted Crew